/“Bold, Bright, and Beautiful” BirdSpotter Judges’ Choice Winner!

“Bold, Bright, and Beautiful” BirdSpotter Judges’ Choice Winner!

February 12, 2018

Congratulations to our BirdSpotter People’s Choice winner Linda Petersen, of Terril, IA, for this striking photo of a Baltimore Oriole! Linda says “I enjoy photographing birds in my yard during spring migration, and try to capture them sitting on a nice perch. This one finally cooperated.”

Baltimore Orioles are common over the eastern United States and parts of southern Canada, and sometimes into the central part of the continent. A popular way to attract them to your yard is to put out orange halves, or a special sugar water feeder that mimics collecting nectar from flowers. Plants with bright fruits and flowers will also help attract them to your yard, such as trumpet vines and crabapples.

Now is the time to submit your photo to the final BirdSpotter category Eyewitness. Biweekly People’s Choice and Judges’ Choice winners receive prizes from the Cornell Lab and our sponsor, Wild Birds Unlimited. Anyone can participate by entering a photo and voting for their favorites! Find out more about the BirdSpotter contest.