/On the Lookout: BirdSpotter Data Entry Winner

On the Lookout: BirdSpotter Data Entry Winner

February 16, 2018

| Carolina Wrens by Judith Beck |

For the second season in a row, Cornell Lab and our sponsor Wild Birds Unlimited are rewarding registered FeederWatchers with BirdSpotter prizes. After entering bird counts (aka data) into the FeederWatch website, participants have the opportunity to share a story, memory, or tip. Our fourth and final Data Entry contest prompt was:

Today is the day to FeederWatch! Do you kick back in a comfortable chair and enjoy a cup of coffee or is your feeder near the office window and you watch as you work? Describe how FeederWatch adds something special to your day.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird by Judith Beck

Congratulations to our randomly selected winner, Judith Beck! Judith spends her days watching for birds out of one of her eight windows facing three separate feeding stations. She is vigilant about keeping an eye on those birds! She writes:

My FeederWatch day starts with my view of the back and side yards as soon as the sun comes up… As I go about my day at home I am on constantly looking out of the windows. If I am eating a meal, I have my eyes on the feeders looking outside while I eat. But, I do stop for periods of time just staring at the birds. I pick up my Canon 70D and zoom in for lots of bird shots! I am totally addicted to bird watching. Participating in Project FeederWatch makes me focus on the amount of birds that I see. And, counting all of the different species of birds has perked my interest in looking for new species.

Thanks to everyone who participated and shared their stories! Interested in becoming a FeederWatcher? Join the fun and you could win great prizes!